Readings for March 7 – Campaign Finance

March 7 – Campaign Finance and the Effects of Spending


Jacobson, Gary C. 1978. “The Effects of Campaign Spending in Congressional Elections."American Political Science Review 72 (June): 469-91.

Kenneth Benoit and Michael Marsh. “A Fistful Of Euros: Incumbent And Challenger Campaign Spending Effects Under The Single-Transferable Vote Electoral System." Trinity College manuscript.

Stratmann, Thomas. 2005. “Some talk: Money in politics. A (partial) review of the literature."Public Choice 124:135-56.


Kenneth Benoit and Michael Marsh. “The Campaign Value of Incumbency: A New Solution to the Puzzle of Less Effective Incumbent Spending.“Trinity College manuscript.

Moon, Woojin. 2006. “The Paradox of Less Effective Incumbent Spending: Theory and Tests."British Journal of Political Science 36: 705"721.

Ken Benoit
Ken Benoit
Professor of Computational Social Science
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