The Quantitative Analysis of Textual Data (NYU Fall 2014)

Sponsored by: NYU Department of Politics 2014

pdf version of Course handout

Instructor: Prof Kenneth Benoit, LSE

Details: Class meets TUESDAYS 10:00 – 11:50 in Room 217

Note: As the class proceeds, I will add resources (slides, R code, text datasets, problem sets) to each session below.

Detailed Schedule

Day 0 (16 Sept): Course overview and introduction to the quanteda R package

Day 1 (23 Sept) : Quantitative text analysis fundamentals

Day 2 (30 Sept): Descriptive Statistical Methods for Texts

Day 3 (7 Oct): Quantitative methods for comparing texts

Day 4 (21 Oct): Dictionary Methods

**Day 5 (28 Oct): Classifiers and supervised scaling **

  • slides
  • examples code
  • Exercise pending
  • Additional recommended readings about supervised scaling methods:
    • Lowe, Will, There’s (Basically) Only One Way to Do it (August 30, 2013). Available at SSRN: or

Day 6 (4 Nov): Unsupervised scaling models for text

Day 7 (18 Nov): Clustering and topic models

Day 8 (2 Dec): Mining social media

Ken Benoit
Ken Benoit
Professor of Computational Social Science
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