Quantitative Text Analysis 2F, Essex 2013

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Quantitative Text Analysis 2F

Essex Summer School 2013

Instructor: Prof Kenneth Benoit, LSE

TAs: Dr. Paul Nulty, LSE; Petra Martina Baumann, U. Salzburg

Course handout

Day 1: Introduction and Issues in Quantitative Text Analysis

Day 2: Textual Data, Units of Analysis, Definitions of Features     

Day 3: Research Strategies in Quantitative Text Analysis

  • slides
  • exercise 3 – the dictionary file (.lic) you will need is on the S: drive

Day 4: Quantitative methods for comparing texts

Day 5: Quantitative Content Analysis 

Day 6: Automated Dictionary-Based Approaches

Day 7: Document classification and introduction to machine learning

Day 8:  Non-parametric scaling models for text 

Day 9:  Parametric Models for Text Scaling 

Day 10: Working with Big Text Data: Twitter 

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