Computer-Assisted Text Analysis, Essex 2012

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Computer-Assisted Text Analysis

Essex Summer School

Prof Kenneth Benoit, LSE

Dr. Paul Nulty, LSE

** NOTE: Krippendorf 3rd ed. text is now available from the summer school office!**_

Course handout

Day 1: Introduction and Issues in Quantitative Text Analysis

Day 2: Textual Data, Sampling, and Working with Texts    

Day 3: Descriptive Inference from Texts

Day 4: Research Design Issues

Day 5: Thematic analysis

Day 6: Classical content analysis

Day 7: Automated Dictionary-Based Approaches

Day 8:  Text Scaling Models – from Dictionaries to “Word-scoring”    

Day 9:  Classifiers    

Day 10: Parametric Models for Scaling Texts   

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