CMP error dataset page now up

I’ve just posted, somewhat late, the full replication materials and error dataset from:

Kenneth Benoit, Slava Mikhaylov, and Michael Laver. 2009. “ Treating Words as Data with Error: Uncertainty in Text Statements of Policy Positions.” American Journal of Political Science 53(2, April): 495-513.

The simplest method is to download both the error dataset and the replication code (in R), including the datasets from Adams et al (2006) and from Hix et al (2006), as a zipped archive:

Full instructions as well as links to all of the files are available from this page. Note that in the published article, the web page is listed as This link works but simply redirects your browser to the page on this site.

Ken Benoit
Ken Benoit
Professor of Computational Social Science
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